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Policy and Legal

All American industries deserve the ability to operate in a predictable regulatory environment. But for years, the firearms industry has been subject to secret determination letters, policies that change without public input, and shifting subjective standards. Firearm importers, manufacturers, and innovators need clear and consistent laws and effective policies in order to successfully operate. Importers are regularly forced to wait over a year to have new models evaluated by the government for importation, only to receive a denial for reasons that are nowhere to be found in the regulations or guidance. Manufacturers and innovators are strong-armed into recalling tens of thousands of firearms because government makes post hoc determinations that certain configurations are suddenly illegal. 

An industry cannot effectively conduct business in this environment. That’s why the FRAC is standing up for industry members everywhere – from the halls of Congress where we will weigh in on legislation, to the administrative agencies where we will promote industry interests before federal regulators, to the courts where we will fight to defend the rights of the firearm industry and promote good government and the rule of law.  

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